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"children with special needs come into our lives leaving foot prints on our hearts and we are never the same."

On January 16, 2009, five month old Nora Jane was gently handed over to a medical team at Children's Hospital Boston for an 8 hour brain surgery in an effort to stop her intractable seizures that had been happening since birth. This ultimately resulted in the removal of 75% of the left hemisphere of Nora's brain. 75%!  Can you even imagine how terrifying this had to have been for her parents, Glenn and Tracey; A hard working, generous, lovely couple.  Ten months later Nora went in for yet ANOTHER surgery to remove the remaining 25% of her left hemisphere. Nora is now seizure free.  She struggles with some visual impairments and weakness on her right side but she works hard in therapy to overcome that. No doubt this kiddo has some serious spunk, humor, independence and a heart of gold.  I am so honored and touched that Glenn and Tracey chose ME to photograph her. Coming all the way into Manhattan to meet up with me. Thank you Nora for reminding me of why I love photography so much and what it means to never give up.

Here are a few highlights from our session…

Such a sweet little smile and some seriously stunning blue eyes

I've always been a sucker for the "scrunchie face smile" from kids..

A few sweet Mommy and Me moments that felt more powerful to me in Black & White

And a few in color to showcase MOM'S pretty eyes as well.

Srunching noses with Daddy.

Taking a break with one of her favorite books: Brown Bear.

Sharing a few smiles on the stairs at Bethesda Fountain in Central Park. 

Her G Tube made an appearance for me as well.  ALWAYS embrace what makes you different. 

Thanks to my girl +Alexia Panza at @Lofficelenfant for the fun, twirly skirt. I think it was a hit.

Nora Jane- a shining star. .

with genuine smiles

 courage and determination.

A remarkable family and an example of love and strength. 

Braces are Beautiful.  Period.

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  1. She is my everything and you really did capture her personality beautifully Amy. Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

  2. She is a miracle and she will do great things! God is faithful! She has the best parents, friends and supporters in the world! What an amazing story!


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