Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Elements; Earth, Wind, Fire & Ice

"Know you are one with the earth, with the water, with the fire, with the air that you breathe, will all living things, and that all of these are one with spirit."

~jonathan lockwood huie

 THE ELEMENTS; Earth, Wind, Fire & Ice 
With generosity from numerous vendors and some serious beauty from four AMAZING little girls I am so proud to present this series of photographs.  
Thank you SO MUCH to all of the talented people involved! 

The Girls: 
From Left to Right:
Henna (Fire), Caroline (Earth), Angelica (Ice), Nika (Air)

Miss Angelica- ICE
Not the first time I've photographed this ridiculously BEAUTIFUL child and hopefully not the last!  I mean...

Her serious looks are to die for for but look at this sweet smile I got from her as well.

Striking beauty...



Elegant handmade crown courtesy of HANDCRAFTED CROWNS
Sliver Sparkle Jacket courtesy of Tutu Du Monde and L'Officiel Enfant
Styling by Liana G. Stepanian 

Miss Caroline- Earth
So sweet and so amazingly beautiful...

I melt over that gorgeous porcelain skin. 

An earthly little doll...

INCREDIBLE handmade head dress courtesy of LOVE CRUSH BOWTIQUE
Styling by Liana G. Stepanian 

Miss Henna- Fire
I have no words.  She is seriously amazing.



And she has a beautiful smile too...

Red sparkle tutu dress courtesy of Tutu Du Monde and L'Officiel Enfant
Styling by Liana G. Stepanian 

Miss Nika- Air
Just look at her.  She is incredible.

Love the movement in her pretty hair here as well as the sweet expression she is giving.

Goddess of Air indeed. I'm dying over her.

One of my favorites from the entire session. LOVE THIS ONE OF HER.

Vintage Star crown courtesy of TFJ DESIGNS
Styling by Liana G. Stepanian 

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Monday, December 2, 2013

The Connolly Family

"family is not an important thing...

it's everything."

~michael j. fox

The Connolly Family. I mean, could they be ANY more attractive? AND NICE?!?!? I ADORE them all, SUCH a great family! I photographed them last year in Gantry Park and we had so much fun so obviously I was thrilled that they called me again this year. Padraigh & Elaine did a great job with these kids.  They're polite and sweet, funny and kind and I gotta say- REALLY photogenic!  I mean, wow. Take a look and you'll see what I mean...

Let's start with Elaine...I mean...could she be any more gorgeous?!?!?  I LOVE this image of her and Joe.  It's too sweet.

Padraigh and his boys. What a handsome crew.

Miss Ava.  I mean...BEEEAUTIFUL Girl- inside and out.

A gorgeous Autumn Princess.

My buddy Oliver.  Quote of the day goes to him hands down.  
"Amy, let's go, it's my turn to do some shoots". 

Love his sweet smile...

Showing me what he's learned at his lessons...

And last but not least, my little heartthrob Joe.  
This kid makes me MELT!  Lock up your daughters!!!

I DID NOT pose him- he did this ALL ON HIS OWN! (And it's AWESOME!)

He's so cool. 


The Three Musketeers! 

Daddy's girl
(LOVE the warmth that the sun added to this sweet moment)

Love the look on Oliver's face here as he looks at his Mom.

OK, one more of my little buddy. LOOK AT THOSE EYES! 

I love to capture the impulsive fun stuff! 

One STUNNING family indeed.  Thanks so much Connolly's...See ya next year (for some 'shoots'!)

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Dolan Family

"A sister is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart."


The Dolan girls- talk about an amazing group of little ladies.   Each one of them so unique and SUCH a joy to photograph. From the moment they met me at the park I knew we were going to have a magical time together.  You could tell from their eagerness that they couldn't WAIT to have their picture taken! It was SO cute. And their manners!?!  WAY TO GO JAMES AND MAUREEN!  These girls actually offered to carry all of my bags in! Needless to say, our shoot was so much fun and I now have a special place in my heart for each of these little girls.  I'm looking forward to next year and playing 'dress up' again! ENJOY! 

Let's start with the oldest beauty...Miss Grace, age 10. 
Could she look any more poised and beautiful? SUCH a gorgeous young lady...

Miss Orla- age 8.  So quiet and SO sweet...and SO beautiful.


Miss Cara- age 6.  Spirited, fun and a total DOLL!  My little red firecracker :-)

And last but not least- Miss Lilah- age 3. Mischievous, darling, silly and GORGEOUS! 
Look at those eyes!!! 

Her DIVA pose...yes, three year olds have DIVA POSES. At least Lilah does :-)

And of course we need to see a family photo.  Wait, what is that you see?  YUP!  That's a FAMILY OF SIX, yes SIX all looking at the camera and SMILING!  
Thanks again James, Maureen, Grace, Orla, Cara and Lilah!  

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