Monday, November 11, 2013

The Adventure's of Caden...

"As soon as I saw you i knew an

adventure was going to happen".

~winnie the pooh

 Little Caden.  WHAT A DOLL.  Not only is this child stunning to look at, but he has a personality that could light up a room. (or in our case, the park.) This was the second time I had the opportunity to photograph him and I enjoyed every minute! (and I think he did too).  We also made sure that THIS time around that Mom- Gillian and Dad- Jeromie made an appearance in some of the shots as well.  Photographs of children and so special...they document each little part of their lives, but when they are all grown up, it is the photographs of them with US, their parents, that they will really treasure.  OH, and in case you're wondering why I used the word ADVENTURE in my title for this little one...Caden liked to take my little vintage suitcase (that I brought with me to use as a little seat) and walk off with it saying over and over in the CUTEST VOICE EVER: 
"I'm going on an adventure". 

 My vintage suitcase makes a great little 'step stool' for kissing people too...

 And my favorite of the two of them...

 (I like color AND black & white on this one)

Looking very grown up..

What a model!

      And he's off...on his Adventure. See you next year Caden!



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